Some examples of lessons, movement analysis, musical correlation and various exercises, allowing you to understand the pedagogical approach of our teachers

Voleos en contra y a favor


Voleo en contra y a favor 1

Voleo en contra y a favor 2

Voleo en contra y a favor 3

Anacrouse et Salida

Barridas, the basics


Barrida, les bases

Autres barridas

Barridas and Parradas

Creation and analysis work from the fundamentals taught by my Master Gustavo Naveira


Dissociation du couple dans l'espace - Barrida

Dissociation du couple - Barrida - Parrada

Enchaînement Barrida - Parrada - Barrida

Soltadas et Voleos

 Systematization of a work on the axis of the rider and the respect of her balance, from a first element given by Pablo Veron, at the Master Class of Nice, in 2008


On 8 front and 8 rear, to the right and left of the leader / Soltadas a una mano / Voleos

Carlos Gavito

Carlos Gavito, another dimension of tango

 From the exuberant dancer of his youth, to the "immobile dancer" as he was called at the end of his career, having adapted his style to a long illness, he always had kept several constants in his approach to tango.

First as shown in the photo, a certain idea of the role of the leader, closer to the serving knight than the low-end macho, an elegance in the relationship.

Then, a particular sensibility which made say of him, that he "danced the pauses and the silences"... and it was visible!

To better understand this idea of ​​"suspended time", this little video, taken from the short film "Los Maestros", a nugget in the filmography of tango: