General Carreer Pathways

Originally a Merchant Navy Officer, then Engineer and Senior Manager in Industry, D. Lescarret spent a good part of his life travelling all over the world, and of course, in Central and South America.

As Top Fencing competitor, youngest referee in France and academic and university vice-champion of France, he taught and had his own team at the age of seventeen. Later, he practiced Martial Arts for over ten tears, studying several styles and the transversalities between them.

He had a real passion for Teaching and Educational skills, and he gave lessons of Fencing, Karate, Cosmography, Marketing and Buying Strategy in Trade School.

Dance Pathways

He has been dancing for many years, first “Musette” when he was a teenager, then Be Bop, training a good number of amateurs and professionals. He went to Cuba to train in Salsa, partly within the framework of the National Art School and he followed a complete training course as Dance teacher, with a whole year dedicated to competitive Ballroom Dancing . Eight years of piano and a few percussion classes complete his musical skills.

Pathways in Argentine Tango

He begins Argentine Tango in 1992, over twenty years ago. He was lucky enough to start with some of the biggest: Pablo Veron, Gustavo Naveira, Chicho, Fabian Salas, Sebastian Arce, just to quote a few… He completed his training on specific points with such specialists as Gustavo Rosas for Colgadas, Damian Esell for Volcadas, Gabriela Elias for Milonga con Traspié… Regular stays in Buenos Aires allow him to get fresh ideas and work on them.

In 2007, after more than ten years of tango teaching, he starts up a vocational training, the Real Academia de Tango Argentino, which runs partly in France (music theory, biomechanics, analysis of movement and educational methods) and partly in Argentina with his friend the “Maestro” Hernan Villegas and his team (musical interpretation, dancing, choreography, integration in the ball). Many Argentine Tango teachers were formed in this way in France, Belgium and Italy.

In 2010 he created a module of Argentine Tango within the context of the SIAPS of the Faculty of Science of Marseille. This module was integrated into the general degree course. It was successful and the students of neighbouring IUTs (University Institutes of Technology) and Prestige University-level Colleges joined in.

He participated in the Marseille International Salsa Congresses in 2006 and 2007 as Argentine Tango teacher, in the Tango Marathons of Martigues in 2011 and 2012, in Crest Tango Festival in 2011, in Aix en Provence Tango Festival in 2012. He was invited as a teacher and lecturer in Bastia (Corsica), Milano (Italy) and St Louis (Reunion Island).

He has ruled his Tango school for over 15 years, and besides the classes, he also acts as a DJ every Friday night in his own Milonga.

He fully and exclusively trained his partners., both last ones being on the page " Photos / Videos "

Historical research

As he is keen on History, he possesses an important collection of documents on the origin and evolution of Tango. He has started writing out the fruits of his researches. They can be found on his website: