General interventions

Dominique Lescarret can intervene in training courses, seminars or festivals in all styles and at every level. He can propose modules from his own programmes, or according to a programme established by the organizer in agreement with the participants. Some modules are permanent, the same every year, but offering exercises adapted to each performance, or they can be specific, established for the occasion.

" Milon-nuevo " : or how to integrate new techniques (“Tango Nuevo”) into Close Embrace,(Abrazo Cerrado) and use them in the ball. Example: how to do a barrida or colgada on the axis without losing contact of your partner’s chest, and staying in your “lane”.

Tango Modules of Intervention
to be adapted according to the allotted time

Salida: Three modules which are linked from beginners to advanced levels, starting from the simplest version, with specific objectives and clear leading information, and aiming at the front voleo, external gancho and volcada

"Milonguero" turns: For beginners and intermediate levels, various forms of chained turns, in parallel or crossed systems.

Salon Style Turns: For intermediate and advanced levels, a panorama of fourteen basic turns and how to link them together.

Techniques of "Milonuevo": for avanced level, internal and external barridas, pivots (colgadas on axis), changes of direction, etc....

Voleos : For beginners, intermediate and advanced levels, introductory course, thorough work, panorama of different voleos frontwards, backwards, on the axis, etc....

Changes of direction: For intermediate and advanced levels, changes of direction theory and working sequences.

Other modules on request: various forms of ocho cortado, ganchos, or any other theme workshops...

Waltz Modules of Intervention

Waltz is one of Dominique Lescarret’s privileged fields of intervention.

He proposes for all levels various techniques, links and variations, in agreement with the organizers and to be adapted to the current tango work

Milonga Modules of Intervention

Techniques of Milonga Lisa: according to the chosen level, ochos, turns, soltadas, etc...

Techniques of Traspie: for confirmed level in Milonga lisa, basis of traspie, work on rhythm, combinations and sequences

Professional modules for teachers or future teachers

These two modules will be credited for students who want to pursue with the

 Real Academia de Tango Argentino

Fundamentals of Argentine tango: mechanics, biomechanics, rhythm and music theory, connection, walking and ochos. Work in both roles, basis of pedagogy.

Duration: twice 14 hours (two weekends)

Fundamental turns: work on turns, specific work for the leader, specific work for the woman, work on energy; panorama of the main turns used in tango.

Conferences on the history of tango  (in French only)

Some conference themes :

- The birth of tango, people and places: 2 hours

- The arrival of tango in Paris: 2 hours

- Did men dance together?: 1 hour

- The Gauchos: 1 hour

- The origin of the word tango :1h30

- The origin of tango music : 1h30

- Presidente Sarmiento ship : 1h30

- Carlos Gardel :1h30